This is the portfolio of South Africa born multimedia artist Vincent Rebers. After a degree in media design and earning years of experience in the fields of advertising, design and coding I accomplished my postgraduate masters degree in Art in Context at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Currently I am dividing my attention between my job as Senior Creative Technologist at Jason Bruges Studio and my own more art related output.
My interest in machines and their interfaces is a constant development in my work and thought process. The experience between how computers communicate with each other, and how we interact and communicate with them is an ongoing challenge. Playing with the constantly changing dynamics between us motivates me to find new ways of doing this. This is the reason why I code, design and create art.
Program/Technical skills
Coding: Java, C (Arduino, AVR-Chip-Programming), C++ (openframeworks, cinder, OpenCV), OpenGL, Actionscript, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, php, MySQL, and knowledge and experience of custom hardware development and hardware interfacing Creative: Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Interactive: MaxMSP, vvvvv, PureData, Isadora, QuartzComposer Further qualifications: official documentation to produce laser shows in public
This is an extract of clients, artists, agencies and institutions I have worked with:
Clients: Canon Europe, Sony Ericsson, Sony Europe, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Chrysler, Gigaset, Emirates, Diesel, Montblanc International, Toni Gard, Zurich, Siemens, Ikea, Cisco Systems, IBM, Deutsche Post, Ferrero, and some more... Agencies & Design Studios: Scholz&Volkmer/Wiesbaden, OgilvyInteractive/Frankfurt, ArgonautenG2/Berlin, MediaCatalyst/Amsterdam, Greyworld/London, Vasava/Barcelona, Hort/Berlin, Shanghai DGM/Berlin and some more... Artists: Dirk Bell, Aids3D, Henrik Håkansson, Saâdane Afif, Bernd Trasberger, and some more... Institutions: Baltic, Gateshead, The Science Museum/London, Kunsthalle Schirn/Frankfurt, Schinkelpavillon/Berlin ... Awards: Bronze Cyberlion, Webby Awards - Official Honoree, Webby Awards - Peoples Choice Award, Silver ADC-Award Germany, Gold, Silver & Bronze at New York Festival, red dot award, LAUS-Award, iF design award, FWA Award, One Show Interactive New York, and some more...

Rhythm Monks Lasershow
Montblanc Leather
JUNE 2011
syn chron by Alba Prat
Rhythm Monks LED Masks